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ICS Institute Part I: Advancing Equity for All

ICS Institute Part I: Advancing Equity for All

At the ICS Institute Part I, the School Leadership Teams and the District Leadership Team will:

  • Strengthen your understanding and implementation of the Integrated Comprehensive Systems Framework and Process;
  • Engage in a deep equity analysis of your school, district, region, or state;
  • Complete the ICS Action Plan for your school, district, region, or state to advance
    systems change for all.
Who are the ICS Institutes for?

For District and School Leadership Teams, state and regional teams.

Each School/District Team should include 8-10 people.

School Leadership Team Members:

  • Principal
  • General Ed teacher from each grade level
  • Special Educator
  • Teacher of students labeled gifted
  • Teacher of students labeled ELL
  • Reading/math interventionist
  • Allied Arts
  • Other staff as appropriate

District Leadership Team Members:

  • Superintendent
  • Director of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Director of Special Education and Student Services
  • Business Manager
  • Human Resources Director
  • Coordinator of Gifted Education Program
  • Coordinator of ELL Program
  • Other key district office staff as appropriate

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