eliminate inequities for all students

In spite of decades of educational reform and federal mandates, inequities among students not only persist but are growing.

To eliminate these inequities, educational leaders must understand how their current piecemeal approaches are not only ineffective, but are exacerbating these inequities. Further, most equity work addresses only one aspect of inequities such as culturally relevant pedagogy or developing culturally competent staff. Instead, educational leaders must learn how to transform the entire education system via Integrated Comprehensive Systems for Equity.

Integrated Comprehensive Systems for Equity™

The Integrated Comprehensive Systems (ICS) for Equity Series by Drs. Elise M. Frattura and Colleen A. Capper is the only education equity focused work that takes a systems approach to eliminate inequities for all students.

The Series consists of a set of digital modules that detail a step by step process for implementing ICS and transforming the entire education system from a deficit based to proactive education for all students.

  • Designed for leadership teams, the Modules/Steps include brief, research-based explanations of Current Practices, Future Considerations, and Operationalizing the Work.
  • At the end of each module are a set of questions for teams to consider their current practices and next steps; teams can type in their responses, save, and print.
  • The modules include brief videos and practical activities to implement the work, such as drawing the current service delivery model.

Equity Audit as the Driver of Equity Change™ – Stand-alone Module

In addition to the ICS for Equity module series, we also offer Module/Step 3: The Equity Audit as the Driver of Equity Change as a stand-alone module. Tested and implemented in nearly 2,250 schools over the past 20 years, the ICS Equity Audit details a six step practical process including establishing equity goals and equity implementation plan. The module includes an equity audit form where the equity audit data can be entered, analyzed, and saved.

To support the ICS for Equity module implementation, ICS strongly encourages professional development via customized ICS coaching and training, and The National Leadership for Social Justice Institute.™

ICS also provides:

  • The ICS for Equity Leadership Community: Purposeful networking of equity leaders for community and accountability.
  • The ICS for Equity Certification Program: Opportunities for individuals, schools, districts, regions, states, and higher education/leadership development programs to become recognized leaders in their ICS efforts.

We also offer custom keynotes and equity evaluations for schools, districts regions, states, educator preparation programs/departments, and universities.

Delivered in a modular format on this site,

ICS comprises Four Cornerstones:

Cornerstone 1:
Focus on Equity
Cornerstone 2:
Align Staff and Students
Cornerstone 4:
Leverage Funding and Policy
Cornerstone 3:
Transform Teaching and Learning
Aligned with the Four Cornerstones of ICS for Equity,
all Modules are premised on the following Equity Non-Negotiables:
Cornerstone 1: Focus on Equity
Changing the system to eliminate inequities begins with ourselves. The system is responsible for the prevention of student failure.
Cornerstone 2: Align Staff and Students
Students are not segregated into particular schools based on a label (such as special education or linguistically diverse). Students are assigned based on proportional representation in all environments. All staff are aligned to grade level teams. Within these teams they share knowledge and expertise with each other to intentionally increase each other’s capacity to better educate all learners.
Cornerstone 3: Transform Teaching and Learning
These teacher-based teams co-plan and co-serve™ through proactive instructional practices for each learner within their grade. Curriculum and instruction is rigorous, culturally responsive and universally designed for all learners.
Cornerstone 4: Leverage Policy and Funding
All district policies, procedures, and funding are aligned with the Equity Non-Negotiables and federal and state legislation is leveraged to eliminate inequities.
Who should use Integrated
Comprehensive System for Equity?
All educators who wish to eliminate inequities can benefit from the ICS for Equity Series, including educators in K-12 schools, districts, regions, state education agencies, educator preparation programs and universities.