Dr. Colleen Capper

Colleen Capper

Colleen A. Capper is Professor Emerita after serving 31 years in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has published extensively on leadership for social justice and equity. She is the editor of the book series Educational Leadership for Equity and Diversity (Routledge), and published four best-selling books:

  • Organizational Theory for Equity and Diversity: Leading Integrated, Socially Justice Education (Winner of the 2018 Taylor and Francis International Award for Outstanding New Textbook in Behavioral Sciences and Education)
  • Meeting the Needs of Students of All Abilities: Leading Beyond Inclusion (2nd edition) (with Elise Frattura)
  • Leading for Social Justice: Transforming Schools for All Learners (with Elise Frattura)
  • Educational Administration in a Pluralistic Society

Dr. Capper is a co-founder of Integrated Comprehensive Systems™ with Dr. Elise Frattura. Capper partners with organizations including schools, districts, universities, non-profits, for-profits, health care systems, city/county governments, and professional associations around the globe to transform their systems internally and in the products and services they provide to eliminate inequities.