2024 Introduction to the
ICS Equity
Framework and Process

2024 Introduction to the ICS Equity Framework and Process

July 30 – August 1, 2024
virtually from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. CDT each day

The current educational landscape is one where systems are broken, educational outcomes have stagnated or worsened, educators feel overwhelmed and defeated, and children and families continue to experience marginalization and educational harm.

Yet, we know that educators, children, and families have not given up on the promise of education.

Our focus at ICS Equity is to help district, network, and school leaders initiate and sustain systems change for high-quality teaching and learning for all students.

We move away from piecemeal equity efforts and school improvement work that leads to more frustration and the same results. Join us at the 2024 Introduction to the ICS Equity Framework and Process to learn more.

At the 2024 Introduction to the ICS Equity Framework and Process, school leadership teams, district leadership teams, and regional and state agencies who are new to our framework will engage in an interactive, introductory training to:

  1. Understand the ICS Framework and Process and explore how it can be leveraged in your setting;
  2. Gain a deeper understanding of what high-quality teaching and learning is and is not;
  3. Engage in plentiful team time to dive into an analysis of high-quality teaching and learning in your setting;
  4. Hear and learn from leaders in the field who are implementing the ICS Equity Framework and Process;
  5. Learn how you can bring the ICS Equity Framework and Process to your setting.







Where is the Introduction to the ICS Equity Framework and Process held?

Part of what’s great about the 2024 Introduction to the ICS Equity Framework and Process is that it is held virtually! This allows teams to save on travel costs, which many districts use to send more team members, thus allowing for a robust team, representative of all staffing and leadership levels, to attend.

What to expect?

As co-hosts and facilitators, Dr. Colleen Capper and Dr. Elise Frattura bring a combined history of over 67 years of distance and adult learning experience to the 2024 Introduction to the ICS Equity Framework and Process. We rely on a facilitative learning process where whole group, small group, and individual learning needs are centered, allowing for deep learning, inquiry, critical reflection, and collaboration.

Who is the equity training for?

We invite school, district, regional, and state K-12 teams for this powerful learning opportunity.

If you’re not sure if this opportunity is right for you and your team/organization, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@icsequity.org for more information.

Each School/District Team should include 8-10 people.

School Leadership Team Members:

  • Principal
  • General Ed teacher from each grade level
  • Special Educator
  • Teacher of students labeled gifted
  • Teacher of students labeled ELL
  • Reading/math interventionist
  • Allied Arts
  • Other staff as appropriate

District Leadership Team Members:

  • Superintendent
  • Director of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Director of Special Education and Student Services
  • Business Manager
  • Human Resources Director
  • Coordinator of Advanced Learners
  • Coordinator of Multi-Lingual Programs
  • Other key district office staff as appropriate

Answers to other questions about the Introduction to ICS Equity
Framework and Process:

The ICS Equity Framework and Process builds the “collaborative equity capacity” of the entire organization through team implementation. The Introduction to ICS relies on intentional teams to learn about the Framework and Process to learn how to bring the ICS Framework and Process to their setting.

An individual or two from an organization may attend the Introduction to ICS to learn about the work to be able to invite teams from their setting to attend in future.

Moving beyond piecemeal equity efforts, the ICS Equity Framework and Process advances equity systems change–from a deficit to a proactive system.

ICS is not an initiative, a model, or a workshop. The ICS Four Cornerstone Framework and Process forms the core and provides a framework for all of the organization’s work.

We can provide a one-half day overview of the ICS Framework and Process for districts as a way to introduce the work.

We also provide custom professional development for organizations who have completed an ICS Institute previously, in order to deepen the work.