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ICS Equity Services

ICS Equity Audits and Evaluations

We provide comprehensive evaluations at all levels of education: schools, districts, regions, states, university departments/programs/colleges and university wide equity evaluations. These evaluations are custom-designed, collaborative and participatory. They are grounded in the ICS Equity Framework and Process, and include detailed recommendations aligned with the ICS Equity Four Cornerstones and Steps.

Who can request an ICS Equity Systems evaluation?

Educational, government, municipality, professional associations, and community agencies who are seeking an objective and comprehensive written analysis of their organization’s current equity status with recommendations to operationalize equity systems change may seek an ICS Equity Systems evaluation.  

What is involved with an ICS Equity Systems evaluation, how and where is it implemented, what are the methods, and where? What are the deliverables?

We custom design every ICS Equity Systems evaluation for the specific organization. We begin with a conference call to determine why the organization is requesting the evaluation, for what purpose, unique considerations of the organization’s context that we need to consider, and the timeline for conducting the evaluation.

The ICS Equity Systems evaluation is based on the ICS Equity Four Cornerstones.

We collect qualitative data on-site via individual and focus group interviews, organization identified observations, and review of policies, procedures, and funding.  The evaluation also includes a comprehensive quantitative equity audit.

After analyzing the data, we prepare a summary report and powerpoint slides of the findings. We can also provide presentations of the findings.

What is the ICS Equity Systems evaluation timeline?

The ICS Equity Systems evaluation process from initial conference call to presentation of findings is about three to four months.  

Why is the ICS Equity Systems evaluation an important part of the ICS Equity Framework and Process? Why might an organization decide to sign up for it?

An organization would request an ICS Equity Systems evaluation to provide an objective and comprehensive report as one means to advance equity systems change in the organization.

Based on the evaluation, the organization may request additional support from ICS Equity to facilitate the implementation of the recommendations.

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