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ICS Keynotes

ICS Keynotes

ICS provides a completely customized presentation for any organization seeking a high energy and inspirational keynote presentation. Our keynotes spotlight steps within the ICS Framework and Process and how the ICS systems change approach can advance the organization’s mission and goals.

The ICS Keynote presentations are utilized to raise interest, build momentum, energy, and enthusiasm through the understanding of the historical significance of marginalization and how this historical marginalization impacts our organizational policies and practices, and in turn, proactive steps to advance equity systems change in the entire organization.

An ICS Keynote sets the stage to create a shared understanding of the ICS Framework and Process for systems change.  

We begin our keynote preparation with a conversation with the organization to learn about the organization’s mission and goals and how the keynote can advance the equity work of the organization. We learn any unique aspects of the organization’s context that we need to take into account when developing the keynote that will have the greatest positive impact.